The Entrepreneur Way Podcast with Neil Ball

Richard N. Seaman – Chairman of Seaman Corporation A committed believer in the vitality of entrepreneurship, Richard’s career has been focused on the creative development of the business enterprise. His vast experience in a wide range of creative business initiatives across multi-functional disciplines serves as a valuable resource to many business and community involvements. A successful career in growing his small family-owned business from $2 million in annual sales to greater than $200 million in the challenging industrial fabrics industry.

“Benchmark other entrepreneurs, both successful and unsuccessful ones. And then develop your long-term strategy. When you are going to start I think you want to decide are you going to create a business that you want to harvest and have an exit strategy for down the road, you want to create a business to be a lifestyle business that funds your lifestyle or do you want to create a business that will leave a legacy. And there is no question in my mind that depending on which of those directions you want to go it will impact the kind of strategic decisions you make about your business all of which will have both short-term and long-term impacts on the success of your business”…[Listen for More]